30 days without scale

Chances are the scale isn’t your best friend. For people with eating disorders it’s a cold reality.

“On particularly rough days I was on the scale for more than 10 times. Each time I became more upset and more prone to the obsession. As if my eating disorder just got more reasons to punish myself.” 

ANBN is a self-help group for people with eating disorders and their caregivers.

We challenge you! Can you go 30 days without scale? 

Show your support: ‘You are more than a number!


Pictures are welcome:
Instagram: @anbnvzw #30dayswithoutscale #anbn
Facebook: @uitdebanvaneetstoornissen #30dayswithoutscale #anbn
Twitter: @anbnvzw #30dayswithoutscale #anbn

This action is part of our activities leading to the World Eating Disorders Day on June 2nd 2018
#WorldEatingDisordersDay2018 #30dayswithoutscale #worthmorethananumber

Didn’t fulfill your challenge? Donations are welcome!


30 days without scale

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